A presentation given by ISTIH Chairman Adjunct Professor Michael Henderson at the 2012 In the Zone Conference received a warm response, generating keen interest in the Institute’s work in the Asian region.

Adjunct Professor Henderson spoke alongside AusAID Director General Peter Baxter on November 26 at a session entitled ‘The Wealth and Poverty of Nations’, dedicated to capacity building in the Asia Pacific through philanthropy, public diplomacy and local partnerships.

Partnerships with local institutions such as schools and hospitals were important to economic and social development, Professor Henderson said.

ISTIH began, developed and continues to expand through a vital partnership network. The Institute firmly believes in forging firm and lasting relationships to local institutions, to ensure ongoing support for the realisation of sustainable outcomes in allied health for communities.

Currently, ISTIH is engaged in long-term, partnership-based capacity building projects in Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and Papua New Guinea.