ISTIH underscored its commitment to supporting the development of emergency medicine in Myanmar recently as the Institute welcomed back the team of clinical specialists sponsored to deliver the first ever ‘Teaching on the Run’ course to local doctors at the University of Medicine 1 in Yangon.

The course was delivered by an international team of clinicians led by Dr Chris Kruk, Director of Clinical Training at Fremantle Hospital, and Dr Ros Taylor and Dr Murali Kesavan, also based at Fremantle Hospital, at the request of ISTIH Medical Advisory Committee member and Fremantle-based colleague, Associate Professor Chris Curry. Dr Curry, a specialist emergency medicine physician, is assisting the Myanmar team of doctors co-ordinating the country’s newly developed Diploma of Emergency Medicine qualification and has made numerous clinical teaching and advisory visits to different areas of Myanmar in support of emergency medicine.

‘Teaching on the Run’ follows the ‘train the trainer’ model used in a number of ISTIH-supported clinical short courses, as participants are themselves taught clinical and skills teaching methods, including how to give feedback and assessment and how to teach effectively in group situations.

Course participants included the ‘EM 18’: a group of 18 clinicians comprising orthopaedic surgeons, anaesthetists, general surgeons, physicians and paediatricians, who are the first to undertake study for the Diploma of Emergency Medicine. A three-phase development plan for emergency medicine marks this inaugural group as the next generation of leaders in emergency medicine for Myanmar, who will themselves impart their skills and knowledge to future generations of trainee clinicians in their country.

The course ran successfully and was well received, with all participants actively engaged and offering positive feedback.

ISTIH was the principal sponsor of the ‘Teaching on the Run’ course.